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SERVICES PROVIDED: | Branding Strategy  |  Website Design + Development  |  Advertising  |  Internal Communications  |  PR  |  Social Media


Glynn Electric is one of the region’s leading contractors with 250+ employees serving clients throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Though the company has been in business for 30 years and enjoys a stellar reputation in the community, they did not have a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the company’s services to new audiences. Glynn also recognized the need to improve internal communications among their various offices. Smith + Co. was brought in to develop a marketing strategy and handle execution of all aspects of the company’s marketing, including Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Traditional Advertising, PR, Direct Marketing and Social Media.

Overall Strategy Development

Smith + Co. brought upper management through a SWOT analysis (identifying business goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ) and Brand Discovery exercises to develop an overall marketing and Branding strategy.

Tagline Development:

While Glynn offers a suite of services including Electrical, Fire Alarm and Suppression, Telecom/Data Networking. Integrated Security and SmartHome technology, the firm is primarily known as an electrical contractor.  Recognizing that the breadth of services the company offers is a competitive distinction and the need to drive business to these other divisions, we introduced a new Tagline:  Glynn Does That.™

Website Redesign and Development

Glynn’s original website was lacking in several key ways.  The look and feel did not reflect the size and professionalism of the large organization. It also lacked a compelling brand message, was difficult to navigate and did not leverage SEO best practices. Smith + Co. executed a wholesale redesign and development to address these issues. The project included SEO friendly information architecture and user friendly organization and navigation. The creative direction also elevated the prominence of all of Glynn’s divisions and the “Glynn Does That.™” Brand message.


Recognizing the need to promote Glynn’s Electrical Construction division, we began advertising in leading Trade publications. Smith + Co. handled advertising campaign creative development, design and media buys.

Social Media

Prior to implementation of the Marketing strategy, Glynn had virtually no social media presence. Smith + Co. developed and continues to execute a social media strategy built around emphasizing Glynn’s service offering diversity, skilled people and community involvement.

Internal Communications

With 250+ employees, most of them out on the road, it was easy for Glynn’s employees to lose touch with what was going on within the company and in the lives of their fellow employees. Smith + Co. developed a monthly internal newsletter distributed to all staff by email. Smith + Co. handles content, design and delivery each month.

Public Relations

As a company committed to bringing benefit to the communities they serve, it was important that the community be aware of the company’s charitable efforts and benevolence activities. Smith + Co. developed and executes a PR strategy including frequent press releases and media relations.

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New website, business cards/collateral, advertising,  direct marketing, social media.