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PRIDE Inc. was a long established, non-profit provider of services to those with mental disabilities. A change in Massachusetts state law governing the administration of daytime occupational programs for disabled individuals required a dramatic change in both the mission and structure of the organization as well as the way services were presented to the public in terms of branding. The organization needed to change its messaging from that of a service provider to become a standalone business offering market rate services to the general public.


With the decision made to call the new organization “PrideWRX”, the question remained of how to develop the Brand and market PrideWrx’s services within a field of competitors (who did not necessarily employ developmentally challenged employees).

Smith + CO. was brought in to assist in Branding, Design and PR.

The strategy revolved around confidently positioning PrideWRX’s products and services as being of equal quality among competitors while at the same time emphasizing the social benefits clients could bring by choosing PrideWRX. The tagline “The Difference in the Work is the Difference that it Makes”, conveyed these two points effectively.

The value proposition was driven home throughout the site with content that not only emphasized the speed, quality and efficiency of work performed, but also put a human focus on the special needs employees of the company and the positive benefits they experienced through their work.

In addition to Branding, Web site Design, social media and collateral design,  Smith + Co. also produced a number of Press Releases about the new company and its mission which received considerable media attention.

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