Digital Marketing + Advertising

Times have changed. It’s no longer enough to just have a nice website.  Most business owners realize that a robust Digital Marketing strategy is crucial in this highly competitive modern landscape. But with so much to consider, many don’t know where to begin (or how to improve). We can help. We’ve got your digital marketing bases covered with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Google Adwords, and Social Media Advertising.

Facebook Advertising

With over 2 billion monthly users and the ability to target audiences with previously impossible precision, most businesses should be advertising on facebook. We can help you get measurable results with a very economical ad spend. It’s all about precisely targeting your ideal customer at the local level, delivering compelling ads that engage and inspire action. We can handle the whole thing from campaign development,  to content creation, ad deployment, monitoring, management and reporting.

Google Advertising

As the hands down leader in search based advertising, it just makes sense for most businesses to invest in a Google adwords spend (especially where their organic search position is weak). But there’s so much more to Google including the worlds largest display ad (banners) network, powerful local focus, re-targeting capability and more. We can help you figure out what’s best for you, develop compelling creative and manage your campaigns start to finish.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to online advertising, but for many B2B oriented companies, selectively advertising on LinkedIn can be an effective complement to a digital marketing strategy. As the business focused “social network”,  LinkedIn boasts 500 million registered users, many of whom are senior level decision makers. This platform provides an opportunity to promote longer form content ( like white papers, thought leadership articles etc.) to affinity groups with an interest in and appetite for such information.  We can help you make the most of your B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

Social Fan Acquisition and Engagement

Marketing through social networks is all about increasing your fans, followers, likes, shares and retweets. The best way to do that is by frequently posting creative, sharable content that engages, entertains and captures imaginations. That’s not an easy task. We can help you increase the appeal of your social channels through creative campaign development, contest/prize development, polls and surveys, photos and videos, humorous illustrations, infographics and more. Let’s get creative.

Search Engine Optimization

Is Search Engine Optimization an Art or a Science? Whichever way you look at it, good SEO remains one of the single most effective, ways to increase your digital marketing reach for “free”. In case this concept is new to you, Search Engine Optimization is probably best explained as the practice of structuring your website, and creating content within it, in such a way that your website ranks as high as possible in Google search results when a user types in a certain search word or phrase. Learn more about our comprehensive SEO services  in the web + interactive section of this site.


Blogging is a key component of Inbound Marketing. Frequently posting new content on your own (and others’) websites is a great way to reach prospects at the right moment in their buyer’s journey. It can also add a tremendous boost to your organic search engine results position (where you show up in google search). Further, it can establish your company as a thought leader on a given topic. If all this is true, why do so few businesses maintain an active blog? The answer is usually that coming up with content is hard. We can help with that. Smith + Company can develop original blog content, articles and white papers for your company and release them on an optimized schedule.

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