Marketing Strategy and Plan Development

Since no two businesses are the same, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. We work closely with each client to develop a detailed and actionable marketing and communications plan that is as unique as their business. One that leverages the right mix of inbound and outbound tactics to reach the right audience, with the right message, delivered at the right time in order to get them to convert.

SWOT Analysis

We will start by taking a close look at your business and brand through a SWOT Analysis. This tried and true technique will help us identify your areas of Strength and Weakness along with your Opportunities for growth, market share gain, etc. We will also seek to identify current or future threats (from competitors, market forces etc.) that may get in your way and will need to be addressed and overcome.

Situational Analysis

This involves looking at what you are currently doing in terms of marketing and how those activities relate back to the SWOT Analysis. Are you successfully leveraging your strengths? Are you seizing opportunities for growth? Do your marketing activities insulate you from threats from competitors and a changing market?

Competitive Analysis

We will take a look at what your competitors are doing across all channels including digital marketing and advertising,  Search Engine Optimization, content and inbound marketing, thought leadership, real world advertising, media and PR. This insight into the competitive landscape will reveal opportunities and inform our strategy and tactics.

Target Audience Profiles

We will develop a number of “buyer personas”. These semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer can be highly detailed and include more than just general demographics like geography, age and income but also motivation, goals and behavior patterns. We will use these personas to help us know where to focus time in order to attract the most valuable visitors, leads and customers.

Marketing Strategy Development

Using the insights gleaned through the processes above, we will develop a comprehensive marketing and communications plan aimed at reaching and converting visitors, leads and customers.  This detailed strategy will encompass the objectives and goals of the organization, the processes of implementation, execution and measurement of results. In most cases it will also include the message, media and spend .

Tactic Development

Tactic Development is where the rubber meets the road with regard to how the marketing and communications plan will be put into action. This encompasses the specific inbound and outbound marketing techniques to be used and in what combination. (Digital marketing and advertising campaigns, social media, web and interactive initiatives, email marketing, direct marketing, content and collateral, thought leadership, events, public relations, etc.)

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