Cost Estimates:

Please note some items below have both “creative/design”  costs and “production” costs. The production costs represent printing etc. These costs are NOT marked up by Smith + Co. you will pay true cost to the vendor directly. These real  estimates are sourced from my favorite vendors.

Logo Design:
Choose one of these two designs as-is and will final high-res files: $800
If re-work requiredwillbillat$125/hr

Store signage:
Please note, tyhe mockup shows a “roll-up” approach which is portable for pop-up shops/trade shows etc. Another approach is silicone edge graphics which are permanent frames with graphics printed on smooth fabric, these are swappable for refreshing. Both approaches are about the same cost

Creative/design fees: $350-$450 per panel (x3)

Roll-up production/printing costs: $450 each (x3)
Silicone edge approach $450 each (x3)

Trifold brochure:
Creative/design fee: $450-$650

Production/printing costs: $375 for 250 , $450 for 500

Biz cards:
creative/design fee: $250-$350
printing/productioncost:$125 for500

Website Design and development:
Estimated cost: $2000-$3000 (No ecommerce)